Google has never seen such a DDoS attack, so much could go down

The biggest ever DDoS attack beyond imagination is cited by Google, Amazon and Cloudflare.

Google, the Amazon and the Cloudflare have all warned that they have suffered the biggest DDoS attack ever, and a new technique could lead to widespread web services, Internet sites.

According to Google, its cloud services are facing a staggering amount of malicious traffic, with last year's record-breaking attack being outstripped sevenfold by this one. Cloudflare says the attack is three times the previous peak, with Amazon's web division also citing a new type of threat. All three agree that the attack started in late August, but Google says it is still ongoing.

DDoS attacks are among the simplest forms of web attacks, making it impossible for normal web traffic to pass through by overloading the target servers. As online has evolved, so has this form of attack, with the three companies above now receiving hundreds of millions of requests per second, according to the three companies. According to Google, the attack generated more requests in 2 minutes than the entire viewing traffic of Wikipedia in September. According to Cloudflare, an attack on this scale has never happened before. All three agree that the gigantic operation was made possible by a weakness in HTTP/2. They are urging servers to be updated.

Neither party has said who might be responsible for the attacks, but such operations are difficult to trace anyway. Experts say that if not properly addressed, such well-targeted attacks will cause widespread service outages.