The extensions

These are the parts of the website that perform functions. The extensions

Their prices vary. Such modules can be: newsletter manager, news module, security / registration interface, image gallery, online application, web store, blog, etc.

Here, in addition to the prices, let's also enter the possible functions in the price offer, as this is the only way to compare two website creation price offers! A typical example of a module is a web store. There are many types of web stores in the market.

How much we give for it depends on what features we need. Only ask for modules that you have specific plans with. Just asking for a blog module to be there, but for 1 year there will be no article uploaded to it, it doesn't make much sense. So before creating a website, think about what you want, what marketing tools you want to use. You should always assign website features to this. But you can also discuss this with the website builder, and thinking together can lead to the ideal end result.

The modules can also be retrofitted, so you don't have to buy everything at once.

The extensions
The extensions

There have been many abuses of this. This is because the domain name is in the name of the person who has it, not the one who uses it! You don't even write your apartment in the name of the real estate company, the address of your website must be protected in the same way! You can save yourself a lot of nasty things if you pay attention to it!
Website design prices mostly depend on this, on the functions and modules! So you have to be really careful about this part!