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Hernyák Wine Dinner Evening – 2015.10.16. Etyek (Hungary)

Hernyák Wine Dinner Evening

Our family has been living and working in the Etyek wine region since 1993. In the first years, we only wanted to introduce the distillery traditions from Vojvodina in the village, but a few years later we found ourselves picking grapes with the help of the local Swabian community. So it wasn’t hard to fall in love and try ourselves in the world of wine as well. We received a lot of support and help from local winemakers, and we even found plenty of friends in our colleagues in other wine regions of the country.

Fortunately, over time, the whole family has found their place in this world and now two generations are working together, helping each other. Our estate has developed a lot in the last 25 years or so. The initial dough-filtered, handcrafted solutions have now been replaced by much more conscious cellar technology. However, despite the use of modern tools and modern procedures, our goal has always been to keep the style of the estate homely, natural and homely.

Our common dream was to create a self-sustaining farm where wifi and ladybugs, a pneumatic baler and a hand crusher, an air-conditioned tractor and a hand hoe fit together and even help each other somewhere. Our life is an open book for our guests, the lines of which are still being written. One of our many wine-growing plans is implemented every year because we believe in gradual, organic development and look to the future with patience.

After much planning and experience, the estate switched to organic farming from 2015, allowing even healthier grapes and wines to come to the table. For us, organic plant protection is just one pillar of this work we have begun. Composting, the continued involvement of renewable energies, conscious and sustainable energy management, greening and decontaminating our environment have become a priority in our entire lives and thinking.

Thanks to the exceptional climatic conditions and the valuable calcareous soil, this landscape offers inexhaustible opportunities for viticulture. Our goal is to get to know all the secrets of the 7-hectare area we have acquired over the years and to be able to harvest the grapes grown on it in the best condition from year to year.

We dedicate a big chapter in Etyek’s life to Champagne. We believe that the professional constructions of the coming years will give Etyek the style that will make it stand out nationally and later internationally. Therefore, together with local winemakers, we are now working to ensure that the first Hungarian sparkling protection of origin can be born in Etyek.

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