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Web development, social media management, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, 10 years of experience in the field with fast response times and a proactive attitude.

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To understand what you’ll need to get started, consider these questions.

What ideas do you have?

What kind of website would you like?

Have you purchased a domain or hosting?

Do you have community/social media pages?


Why us?

We a im to collaborate with our customers to understand their needs, assist in turning their ideas into reality, and address any questions or specifications they may have!

We're skilled at handling your complex requests.

We're here for you 24/7, so don't hesitate to give us a call whenever you need help.

We can explain the processes thoroughly so that you understand each step in the development of your project.

We don't outsource our work, you'll have our full support throughout your project.

Meta customer support

(We are not an official Meta partner, but over the years we have managed to develop effective communication with them)

Setting up meta accounts

Recover a hacked business account

Recovery of hacked/stolen business management software

Issues with ad manager

Assistance with regaining access if you've locked yourself out of an account

How can we help?

Web development



Webshop and website hosting and maintenance

Social media management

Meta Business Suite, Meta Ads

Email marketing

Automatic posting

Meta & Google Ads

Marketing video

YouTube management


Some of our partners

In Summary

Domain and Hosting Management with 24/7 Operations.

Custom-designed WordPress websites and complete e-commerce implementation.

Search engine optimization, integration, and monitoring.

Creating and linking social media platforms to the website.

Video marketing: How to create effective videos for social media?

Creating and managing ads on Meta and Google platforms.

Configuring social media pages to avoid falling victim to hackers.

Communication with Meta and Google customer support.

Istvan Norbert Kadas

Founder / Web developer / Meta expert

The Weblock team

Rather than reactive behaviour, we strive to be as prepared as possible, as effectively as possible, for anticipated events through proactive thinking.

With our team, we share a single goal: to build a successful online presence for small businesses in the United Kingdom. Click to get to know the rest of us.

Our process leads to results

Always go the extra mile

We take care to explain any details to our clients in simple business terms. Going the extra mile with support, we are always there for our clients.

A clear strategy & roadmap

A strategy to us is a clear, sensible and powerful roadmap of what we can do to help you achieve your goals. It also contains deliverable tasks to give you clarity on what we're doing, while keeping us accountable to you.

Industry-leading design

Our design team is Weblock Media at the forefront of the industry. As advocates for clients brands and their customers' needs, we elevate brands and marketing campaigns. The science is the brain, and our design team is the heart.