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DJ. Budai - PARÁDÉ REMEMBER Vol.2. | S&M TrendTalk


There is only one day... that is different from the others. The legendary Budapest Parade returns to the capital for one night only, in Budapest Park. Relive the pulse with the biggest world stars of the era and the best Hungarian DJs! Techno pioneer, pioneer of funky techno, founder of FreeE magazine. One of the most prominent techno pioneers of the Hungarian electronic dance music scene for more than two decades, the founder of FreeE magazine, the founder of FreeE magazine. For more than two decades, he has been one of the most prominent figures in the Hungarian electronic dance music scene. His work is so diverse that it is impossible to sum up in a few sentences. Here are the highlights of his career stations from the heroic age to date.

DJ Budai biography
Techno pioneer who established funky techno and founded a dance magazine in Hungary. He is one of the most outstanding figures of the Hungarian dance scene. His works are so diverse that it's impossible to write about them in just a few sentences. Let's have a closer look at the milestones of DJ Budai's career.

Budai learned how to DJ at the end of the '80s, and then he began to build his career deliberately. He became second at the Hungarian DMC in 1990, then he got residencies at Hungarian clubs called Hysteria, E-Play and Dark Side. From the mid-90s, he became a regular at the two Hungarian super clubs (Flört, Palace), and from then on he has been a dominant figure in the Hungarian dance scene. With his friends, Budai founded the first dance magazine (FreeE) in Hungary in 1995 and he continued his mission there until 2005.