Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google's web analytics platform. It is the successor to the previous version, Universal Analytics (UA), and offers users new features and analytics for the future. Here is a brief overview of the key features of Google Analytics 4.

Event-based measurement

GA4 is mainly event-driven. It treats all visits and actions as events, allowing detailed data analysis and the definition of tailored goals. For example, you can monitor page views, video playback or form submissions.

Tracking branches

GA4 allows you to accurately track users' paths and interactions on your website or app. This helps to identify conversion points and optimise routes.

Integration of search and advertising data

GA4 is directly integrated with Google Ads and Google Search Console, allowing you to analyse search and advertising performance in the analytics platform.

Unique user identification

GA4 introduces primary and secondary user identifiers that allow users to create cross-platform profiles between different devices and visits.

Forward-looking analyses

The platform offers forward-looking analyses that help you use data to determine what events are likely to happen in the future.

Data protection and GDPR compliance

The GA4 makes it easier to manage user privacy issues and offers the possibility to customize data retention settings in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Cross platform analysis

GA4 can also analyse websites and mobile apps, so you can combine web and mobile events on the same analytics platform.

Real-time data

GA4 enables real-time data analysis so you can track current website usage and user interactions.

Custom events and conversions

Although GA4, like UA, offers default events, it also allows you to define your own events and conversions.

Integration with other Google products

GA4 can be integrated with other Google tools and products, such as Google Optimize or Google Data Studio.

The move to GA4 is recommended as Google is developing and supporting this version for the long term. It is important to understand the basic concepts and functionality of GA4 in order to use it effectively in analysis and website development.