Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization consists of 3 areas

  • arranging the technical data of the website
  • ensuring the appropriate quantity and quality of textual content on the website
  • get good quality pointing links (quality is what matters, not quantity)

These are inseparable and require a different amount of work for each website, so this cost cannot be calculated accurately in advance for website creation prices. Still, I listed it here because if you are creating a website, it is search engine optimization (SEO) - that should be the basis today. So while SEO is not directly part of website design pricing, you have to reckon with it, sooner or later, if you want to profit from your website.

What can a simple entrepreneur do in the website development phase if he wants to anticipate the path to success in search engine optimization? The ranking of each web page in Google search depends on its own competitors, that is, how strong the others appear on the keywords in question. This can be mapped accurately, right during website development.

This is what we call an SEO competition study.

In short, it's about looking at the 3 aspects on the side of the strongest competitors that most influence search engine optimization.

That is:

  • gaps and strengths in the technical specifications of competing websites
  • the textual content of competing websites (also examining how much unique content is available and how much content can be found elsewhere)
  • we will tell you exactly where good quality links point to, i.e. we will review their link building structure
Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

All of this is detailed in a report written in plain language, which is ultimately an e-book about the search engine optimization strategy behind your competitors. From then on, it is up to you to determine how many visitors you want to capture from your current competitors once your website is up and running.